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A caring and compassionate approach to enabling your independence and improving your lifestyle.

Power Mobility Scooter provides active lifestyle Christian Mobility Adrian MI

Power Wheelchair and Electric Scooter
Sales and Service

Keep your freedom of independence with a power wheelchair or electric scooter, giving you mobility and confidence to enjoy daily activities and travel safely.

For over 13 years, Christian Mobility has provided quality wheelchair sales and service to thousands who were previously limited in their lifestyle due to illness, injury, or changes in lifestyle.

Local Power Wheelchair Sales and Service

Power Wheelchairs

Order the right Power Wheelchair for your needs

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Mobility Scooters

Enjoy outdoor activities again with a mobility scooter

Service and Repairs

We help with most repairs for wheelchairs and scooters

Let Christian Mobility Take Care of the Hassle

We are a local qualified Medicare provider, coordinating the authorization process between you, your family, your medical care provider, your insurance company or Medicare to get you a free or low-cost power wheelchair.


Insurance Processing


Medicare Approved

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