Power Wheelchairs Can Improve Your Lifestyle

It isn’t as easy as picking out which new shirt to buy. The right power wheelchair can make a difference in your lifestyle, comfort, and activity level.

You may have a need for full-time mobility assistance for daily activities inside the home. After a thorough evaluation, a physician can prescribe a power wheelchair.

But that’s where more decisions begin. And, with such an important purchase, you want to make the right decision. Electric wheelchairs come with options…just like a new car does.

There can be an endless list: front- mid- or rear-wheel drive, seat elevation, leg support systems, swing away joystick mounts, battery types, and more.

Some electric chairs have weight restrictions, others have battery limitations, and still others are limited in their maneuverability.

And then the accessories! Drive controls, electronics, headrests, mounts, storage…lots of choices to make.

Power Wheelchair Sales from Christian Mobility

New Power Wheelchairs vs. Used

It may be tempting to buy that wheelchair deal you found on eBay. Or perhaps great-aunt Gertrude’s electric wheelchair that’s been in storage since she passed will do for you.

But is that the best decision?

Searching for a used chair to save some money might result in discomfort or limitations to your mobility. It is best to get the right wheelchair for your needs.

A new power wheelchair, under a physician’s prescription, can often be covered under Medicare or private insurance coverage. Even then, there are a variety of mobility devices available on the market.

Experienced Consultation for Power Wheelchairs

Medicare and private insurance requirements for a new power wheelchair may seem overwhelming. An experienced mobility consultant knows how to navigate the paperwork process, can help with ordering the right chair, and make sure that it is delivered and set up right for you.

However, buying a used chair can be successful, with the guidance of a qualified expert. He may ask some personal questions, like your height, weight, what type of house or apartment you live in, how you transport yourself, if you have live-in assistance or part-time helpers.

This is important information to consider when selecting any wheelchair, among other things.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used power wheelchair, it’s helpful to talk with a consultant who will help determine the right one. David Rogers at Christian Mobility has years of expert knowledge to help you find the right fit, function, mobility, and affordability for your next power wheelchair.