When you rely on a mobility scooter for your daily life, you want to make sure it’s ready whenever you need it. Here are some tips for battery-powered scooters or wheelchairs.

When purchasing a power wheelchair or mobility scooter, it’s important to understand how and when to charge it so that you get the longest lifespan out of the battery that you possibly can. We’ll go over the different types of batteries used in power scooters/wheelchairs, and then we’ll give you some tips for keeping your mobility aid batteries healthy and long lasting.

Types of Scooter Batteries

Most scooter battery packs nowadays are Lithium-ion. They’re long lasting and very powerful, about ten times more so than lead acid batteries.

An average scooter battery is about 250 Watts, meaning it will go for about ten miles at a speed of 15 miles an hour before needing to be charged. More powerful batteries can power a scooter for up to 60 miles before depleting.

How to Make Your Batteries Last

There are a few things you can do to keep your scooter batteries as healthy as possible.

  • Charge your scooter overnight and after every trip.
  • Never store your scooter when the batteries are completely spent, as this will decrease their lifespan. Store your scooter when it’s about 75-80% charged, and if you’re storing it long term, charge it to this level periodically. You can also store it fully charged, but be sure not to overcharge it, as this will also decrease the battery lifespan.
  • If you don’t use your scooter often, charge it at least once per month.
  • Don’t leave your scooter plugged in after it charges fully. This may decrease the battery lifespan.
  • Never let your batteries die completely, because if they are too low, the charger will not detect the voltage necessary to charge them safely and you will need to purchase a new one (To prevent overheating, chargers will only charge batteries if they detect the voltage already on them to be 10 or 11 volts. Any lower and the charger will not work.)
  • Store your scooter in a cool, dry place.
  • Don’t operate your scooter in below freezing or extremely hot temperatures (above 113 ̊ F)
  • When trying to ‘break in’ new batteries, charge them about ten hours a night for five nights in a row.

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