Maintenance is necessary on anything we use regularly, be it our cars, garage doors, or even our joints. This applies to power wheelchairs and mobility scooters as well. Even with routine service, these devices sometimes break down and need parts replaced.

There are a few common things that typically break or wear out on power chairs. If you have had your mobility device for five years or longer and use it regularly, you may need to replace it at some point. Parts can be harder to come by for the older models. Routine maintenance will extend the life of your scooter, but repairs will still be needed at some point.

The Most Commonly Needed Repairs

Keep an eye on the state of your power wheelchair parts for wear and tear. For example, if your controller or joystick is starting to stick in certain positions, it may be time for a tune up. When you need repairs or replacement parts, a power wheelchair supplier can generally help you make the necessary repairs.

The Battery

Many individuals have been stuck at home with no way to get to the grocery store or doctor’s appointments due to their power wheelchair suddenly dying on them. If the scooter won’t start up at all, then it is most likely the battery. Once your chair or scooter starts losing several battery indicator lights, you should recharge your battery. Charge to 100% every time for longer battery operation. If you notice your chair or scooter is losing juice more quickly than it used to, make sure to get it in for a checkup ASAP.

The Armrests

The armrests on wheelchairs and scooters wear out faster than other parts due to everyday friction and use. If you are noticing tears or any other damage on your armrests, then it’s best to go ahead and get them replaced. Armrests usually come in two size options, short and long, according to the user’s need. If you have carpal tunnel or arthritis in your hands or wrists, then you will want the longer armrest for optimal arm and hand support. If you work at a desk, then the shorter armrest option is best. Either way, make sure to get them replaced if they start to come apart on you.

The Tires

Tires are in constant contact with the ground and wear accordingly. Pneumatic or air-filled tires are used on some electric scooters, while foam tires or solid urethane tires are used on other models. Pneumatic tires can easily get a flat. Solid urethane tires are the most durable, but even they don’t last forever. If you aren’t sure what type of tires you have, consult your owner’s manual. If you spot any damage to your tires, contact a mobility repair specialist immediately so you don’t find yourself stuck in a bad spot.

The Joystick

The joystick or controller can break if not handled properly, so keep the grandkids clear of it. Humidity and moisture can also affect the joystick’s capabilities. Keep your power wheelchair dry and store it carefully indoors when not in use. If you notice the joystick not working well, contact a repair specialist right away.

The Motor

Motor repairs can be costly. The motors in automatic wheelchairs are designed to last many years, but eventually they will break down. They will break down faster if maintenance isn’t kept up, so make sure you have your mobility scooter or power wheelchair serviced regularly. A repair specialist will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your mobility device’s motor and the costs involved.

Does Medicare Cover Wheelchair Repairs?

If your power chair was covered by Medicare, then many necessary repairs for the wheelchair may also be covered under Medicare. Private insurance companies also sometimes offer repair coverage. To find out if you are covered, call the member number on the back of your insurance card.

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